From the College Captain

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.


These words from Greek statesman Pericles remind us of the powerful and everlasting nature of legacy. In the Bennies year of Stewardship, we are each called to weave our part in the MSB legacy, as we strive to positively impact the people around us and live out our commitment to the environment and our community.

The 2021 Student Leadership Team’s vision and motto, “Challenging our Choices, Enriching our Legacy”, is a call to action for every Bennies girl to embrace their potential to create change. When we were asked about what stewardship means to us these were some of the responses:

  • “Stewardship is doing small and big things that will benefit others, knowing their needs and fulfilling them to the best of our ability.”
  • “Stewardship means to acknowledge the privileged position we are in and using this to make a difference in our choices every day, allowing humanity to flourish and thrive (both at present and in the future).”
  • “Stewardship represents caring for not only our environment but also each other and fostering a positive and empowered community so that our world is preserved for future generations.

Through these brainstorms, we realised the critical connection between our choices and legacy. The Student Leadership Team strived to design a motto that would help build on the incredible foundation of Stewardship already developed at MSB, as well as empowering Bennies girls to be stewards as they move through life beyond the red brick walls.

Every member of the MSB community plays an integral role in the footsteps we leave behind. Our goal is to inspire the Bennies girls to utilise their capacity to drive constructive decision making. These critical thinking skills will generate future ready global citizens who challenge their daily choices for a lasting impact.

A question I am often asked is ‘What makes a Bennies girl?’. The great thing about MSB is that there are no pigeon-holes – you are empowered and equipped to be your own kind of Bennies girl. The MSB community has been challenged this year to find ways of weaving a legacy in a rapidly changing world. The girls have demonstrated incredible optimism, creativity and resilience, showing that they can thrive in whatever circumstance comes their way.

I am incredibly grateful for my years at the College. I am so proud to lead such a diverse and inspiring group of young women who energise and transform the world around them.

Georgia Platts
College Captain