The MSB Jubilee Identity

Artist Statement — Jubilee Logo Inspirations

MSB_Golden Jubilee_Logo_CMYK_300.jpg

It is a privilege to be a part of the Bennies community and to have been invited to design the logo in celebration of its Jubilee celebrations. Bennies is not just a school to many of us; it is a place where we first met our treasured friends, were inspired by mentors and discovered the visions we have for our futures. This Jubilee logo attempts to incorporate these ideas to what make Bennies such a special place for its students, alumni and staff – past and present.

The triangular composition of the Jubilee logo harks back to the symbol of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Catholic faith. The dove carrying the branch has traditionally been associated with the story of Noah, as well as God’s promise of hope and salvation for responsible stewards of the earth.

This Jubilee logo draws on the rich history of these symbols to highlight the Benedictine values and vision of the College. The dove symbolises peace. The flickering flame symbolises the Holy Spirit that calls us to be generous to those in need. The springy branch of gum nuts symbolises the College’s commitment to conservation of the rare blue gum forest and serves as a key reminder to the principles of stewardship. The dove emerging out of the flame also evokes the image of the phoenix, a mythical bird that symbolises death and rebirth.

These imageries give voice to the College’s 50 years history of nurturing and educating young women. When you take it all together, it is not hard to see what a special place Bennies is and will continue to be in the hearts of the young women it nurtured – past, present and future.

Irene Mok, Class of 2009

Jubilee Artwork


During the Jubilee year it has been fitting to reflect on the identity and traditions of the College. An important legacy of the celebrations has been the development of Jubilee banners which were on display in St Mary’s Cathedral for the first time during the Jubilee Eucharist.

The banners were designed using original artwork from a group of students who undertook a Jubilee artwork project under the guidance of then MSB Visual Arts Teacher, Ms Therese O’Kane.

The designs draw on distinctive features of our College campus such as the Blue Gum forest, the Courtyard of Peace and the stained glass windows of our Chapel. These features are then blended with the characteristic symbols of our Christian faith such as the dove and flame symbols for the Holy Spirit together with the cross and symbols of Eucharist.


This design recognises our indigenous heritage through the use of the image of the rainbow serpent. This image is overlayed with motifs which capture aspects of our environment such as the leaves and gum nuts of our Blue Gum High Forest and the droplets of water representing our Courtyard of Peace. These images transition throughout the design to introduce the traditional Christian symbols of the fish, the cross, the dove and the flame.


This design echoes the stained glass window effect from our College Chapel and blends this with themes from our Blue Gum High Forest and our Courtyard of Peace. As these images rise through the banner they are gradually transformed into images of the Holy Spirit culminating in the symbol of Eucharist layered across the image of the globe in elevated hands cupped in the shape of a bowl.


This banner design draws strongly on motifs of our natural environment with the gum nuts and leaves of our Blue Gum High Forest. The gum nut images transition with an increasingly distinctive Sign of the Cross which moves to face outwards to convey the symbol of Eucharist layered across the image of the globe.