Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving


The Future Problem Solving (FPS) Program was established at Mount St Benedict College in 2006 and has grown steadily each year. Since then the College has successfully achieved in the top 10%, to be invited to participate at each national competition and has now secured four world championship titles.

Students learn to address complex scientific and social problems of the future through the use of a creative and comprehensive thinking process. The process challenges students to apply information they have acquired by research, to some of the most complex issues facing society. They are asked to think, to make decisions and, in some instances, to carry out their solutions.

Specifically, it motivates and assists students in:

  • thinking creatively
  • developing an active interest in the future
  • improving communication skills (oral and written)
  • solving problems using a six-step process
  • working cooperatively in teams
  • learning about complex social issues
  • developing research skills
  • thinking critically and analytically.