Academy of Technology and Innovation

The Academy of Technology and Innovation provides a platform for students to engage in future thinking skills that will be essential to navigating their way through a technologically advanced and dynamic workforce after their schooling years.

We have a range of programs on offer to provide different learning experiences for our students.

The intention of these programs is to develop students’ ability to think critically, problem-solve, work independently and collaboratively with others. The types of activities we offer are constantly changing as we seek to ensure we meet student needs and that the programs are relevant and responsive to the dynamic nature of technology in the 21st century.

Some activities that we offer include, but not limited to Minecraft Club, Chess Club, Games Club, Dungeons & Dragons Club, MSB Tech Crew, STEM and Coding Clubs and Animation Club. These are often run at lunchtimes by passionate teachers and facilitators. Some clubs and programs also take place after school as needed.