Global Enrichment Program


The College aims to develop our students to be confident, young women who understand their roles and responsibilities as global citizens. The Global Enrichment Program is about exposing our students to real-world experiences through responsible and sustainable travel both domestically and internationally. We offer a range of learning experiences that cover different areas of curriculum, mission and cocurricular areas such as Sport and CAPA tours.

The purpose of these learning experiences is to provide an opportunity for students to apply their learning to real-world contexts and to challenge their thinking and perceptions of the world. They do this by entering into experiences with an open mind and learn to acknowledge and celebrate cultural differences as they meet different people and learn about different ways of doing things. These experiences have such a profound impact and influence on a young person’s development, and many students reflect on how these invaluable opportunities become one of the highlights of their time at the College.

All learning experiences and immersions are facilitated by College staff and qualified external tour operators where appropriate. Generally speaking, these programs are offered to Year 9 students and above. Some learning experiences may have eligibility requirements such as students must study the appropriate subjects to be able to travel (e.g. cultural exchanges) or some experiences are limited in student numbers and an application process will be required.

Some curriculum-based learning experiences that have been on offer in the past include:

  • Creative and Performing Arts Learning Journey (USA)
  • Cultural Learning Tours (Germany, Japan)
  • History Learning Journey (Europe)
  • Geography Learning Journey (North Queensland)
  • Space Camp (USA)

Some cocurricular-based learning experiences that have been on offer in the past include:

  • Netball Sports Tour (Canada, Europe, Singapore, USA)
  • Soccer/Football Sports Tour (Europe)
  • Touch Football Sports Tour (Queensland)
  • Dance Tour (Queensland)

Some mission-based immersion trips that have been on offer in the past include:

  • Good Samaritan Education Ministry Outreach (Sydney)
  • Good Samaritan Education Santa Teresa Immersion (Northern Territory)
  • Good Samaritan Education Philippines Immersion
  • MSB Philippines Immersion Trip
  • MSB India Immersion Trip
  • MSB Footsteps of Benedict Pilgrimage