Measurement of Student Performance

Accurate and comprehensive reporting of school and student performance assists in establishing open communication, helps to improve student learning, assists in establishing future direction, and helps to identify both areas of need and excellent student performance.

All incoming Year 7 students complete the Allwell test. This information augments each student’s NAPLAN results to form a detailed picture of their abilities. All students are placed in mixed ability classes, with clustering of students who are Gifted and Talented in some of these classes.

Students in Years 9 to 12 are issued with a schedule of assessments at the beginning of each year which is available through the Learning Management System, Firefly. Assessments include a range of tasks including research, in-class tests, oral presentations, formal examinations, products based on different technologies and performance pieces.

Parents receive a detailed report on their daughters’ performance twice a year. There is a Parent/Teacher Evening once a year for each year group. Parents are welcome to contact teachers at any time.