Cocurricular Program

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The Cocurricular Program aims to provide a holistic learning experience that is accessible, inclusive and offers an intentional pathway of quality opportunities for growth and development for all our students. The available opportunities aim to cater for all students from a wide range of abilities, experience and interest areas. The program is designed to encourage and foster positive relationships amongst students, staff and the wider community, which is integral for a valuable learning experience.

Explore - At this level, students are encouraged to ‘explore’ an activity that has sparked their curiosity or interest. This category of activities aims to leverage the social endeavour of learning and encourage maximum participation. Open to all members of the College community, these programs are designed to ensure that students of any ability can participate in a social and recreational environment, where most activities are run on campus. A minimum level of technical proficiency and time commitment is expected for this category of activities.

Elevate - Students engaged in this level are expected to be able to demonstrate experience, skill and technical proficiency to a required level as well as have a desire to learn more, to ‘elevate’ their skills. At this level, programs are designed to be challenging and yield individual growth. Activities aim to develop and refine students’ abilities, increasing their competence and confidence so that they can readily adapt to a range of competitive or complex environments. At times, the activities will involve external College representation at events or competitions, where students will be challenged to improve their craft. A moderate to high level of time commitment is expected to accommodate the training or preparation/practice expectations required to develop the skill, technical proficiency and confidence of the student. Genuine and authentic leadership opportunities are introduced at this level.

Excel - In this level of the program, the student’s passion for their chosen pursuit will drive their desire to challenge and extend their understanding, skill and adaptability in their chosen activity. The activities will generally involve high levels of critical-thinking and problemsolving in pursuit of personal excellence. A high level of time commitment is expected and required for students to achieve their personal best. Student determination and commitment to their craft will also help build and develop their leadership capacity.

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