Mount St Benedict College actively seeks feedback from students, parents and the broader community.

Feedback - in the form of compliments, suggestions and complaints - allows the College to:

  • Reflect on and celebrate what we are doing well.
  • Consult widely in identifying ways we could improve our services and processes.
  • Identify areas for improvement in our processes and practices.

We believe:

  • Accepting feedback in all its forms is consistent with the Benedictine values of Pax, Hospitality and Obedience.
  • Feedback is the foundation of the College’s commitment to improvement in all areas of our operations and service delivery.
  • Students, parents and the broader community have a valued voice, and as inheritors of the Benedictine tradition, we strive to ‘Listen carefully … with the ear of (y)our heart’ (RB, Prol. 1).
  • Accepting and responding to feedback requires courage, humility and respect.

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Mount St Benedict College is committed to ethical behaviour that is aligned with our values and complies with all relevant laws. A whistleblower is a person who makes a disclosure, outside normal business channels, whether anonymously or not, with respect to serious conduct such as corruption, fraud or some other illegal or undesirable activity.

Whistleblower Policy

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Mailing Address: Mount St Benedict College, c/o Stopline, Locked Bag 8, Hawthorn, Vic 3122